Sunday, 29 March 2015

LOreal Ombre Hair Kit Review-ish Plus Other Updates!


So I've set a little reminder on my phone every week, no joke, to remind me to actually sit down a write a blog post. I can't believe my last one was in December! It's like life just gets in the way. It's so annoying as I really, love writing them, when I remember. So in theory with this little reminder I'll be able to settle into a proper routine, weeeee!

I'm not sure where to begin, like a lot has happened over the last few months but at the same time nothing has really happened haha. Ooo since all the building work has kinda finished in our room, for now, I have a bedside table again! I have so much more stuff than shown though. When we eventually find a place (taking so long, really frustrating and stressful!) I can properly organise all my little things and maybe have a dressing table :O

Oh, I don't know if you remember as it was ages ago I blogged about it, but it's been months now since I tried the whole not washing my hair every day. Progress? Not great! I have to dry shampoo on the days I don't wash it still as it looks gross, maybe its the dry shampoo? I don't know but I cant go to work with greasy hair, blurgh. On the other hand I love how on none hair washing days I can just jump in the shower and be out super quick. Really nice!

Talking about hair, I decided to give one of the ombre kits you can buy a go  as I was really bored of my hair. And I really like how it turned out, it was dead easy to do, my ends aren't really that damaged and I've received lots of compliments so all is good :) If you're interested I picked mine up in boots for £7.49, It's L'Oreal which is a brand i'm really digging at the moment in terms of makeup and I used this one here. Although they do have other ones for different hair colour, I grabbed this one as while my hair can look quite dark it can also look like a much lighter brown depending on lighting as it has some blonde in it. So figured this would be the safer option. What do you guys think? I actually prefer it now to when I first did it, as I was a little eeeeek. 

Okie, that's all for now! I'll update soon :) byee x


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