Friday, 5 December 2014

Festive Friday 2


Bit of a busy week this week! Not entirely sure where it has gone and I have somehow managed to agree to working tomorrow too *cries* I'll get around to finishing up the blog post I started in the week on Sunday, I promise :)

For today, it's number 2 in the festive Fridays blog post! So here's a few cute little things I've seen.

White Faux Fur Headband - currently £6
I have one of these! I absolutely adore it, keeps my ears lovely and warm. Looks so cute! Definitely a favourite for the winter wardrobe :) 

Green Sequin Wrap Dress - £65
It's Christmas/New Year party season! So it's all about them sparkles :) I have yet to be daring enough, but I do love this dress. 

ANGUS Ankle Boot - £45

Again I love these! Need some my self really, hmmm, can I explain another shoe buy??? I love boots, love that they're so in at the moment and the little details on these are just argh, amazing. I so want them, just a shame they aren't in my size!

Christmas Nail Wraps Water Tramsfer - £1.99

If you like nail stuff like me I don't even need to explain how absolutely adorable these would look around Christmas time! Big need for these..

Hope you liked these little finds, post again soon!



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