Friday, 28 November 2014

Festive Friday 1


Black Friday in the UK is apparently now a thing. Having never experienced it as a shopper I had to brave the store today for work! Utter craziness. We don't even have any specific black friday deals, just crazy customers coming in flinging clothes about excitedly. On the bright side, my shift is over, I'm home and it is Friday! So no more work till Monday :)

So I've decided every Friday till Christmas I'm going to be doing a little 'Festive Friday' post, just with a couple of images and links to things that I think are really cute/nice things! Don't moan at me that it's not yet December, it's less than a month away people! And I'm very, very excited! Wooo!

Fair Isle Deer Pattern Leggings - £10
I love leggings, love them. And yes, I'm afraid Im one of those girls who wears them as pants assuming they arent sheer! Forever 21 has not let me down on the leggings front, lovely quality and for great prices! Why these ones? The print, isn't it obvious! :P

Christmas pattern embossed wooden rolling pin - £24
Not much of a baker myself as I have this tendency to destroy everything I touch in the kitchen (I'll try and improve, I promise!) but this are so cute! Such  nifty idea.

Cute Christmas Cards! Pack of 10 - £3.50
I'm doing Christmas cards this year! I always forget but not this time. Still hunting for my favourites though, need to find some soon :O

Okay that's all for now :) I'll do better next time! Need to be better prepared. Ive also got a reviews coming on the Garnier Ultimate Blends - The silky smooth 7-1 dry shampoo with vanilla milk, seventeen primer and no7 primer! Keep your eyes peeled next week!



  1. those rolling pins look really fun! Black Friday was madness here in Vancouver yesterday!

    xo T.

    1. They do don't they! And I can't imagine what it must have been like there! :O x

  2. I like those rolling pins! So cute