Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Review: L'Oreal True Match Foundation


The review I promised after writing the bareSkin one! :) This one is definitely a happier review, I'm currently super excited about this foundation.


Things to note:

  • Has spf 17 so for pictures it might have that weird white cast, but it's not really bad.
  • Water based foundation.
  • Oil free, non-comodegenic. 
  • Seems to have a slight shimmer but once on it isn't noticeable
So pretty much this is my go to foundation, I'm basically using it every day. Hasn't caused my skin to break out which is brilliant, although I did have a few spots appear I have a feeling that was caused by something else as they're clearing now. Woo hoo!

My everyday look :) 

This is quite a 'wet' foundation, I tend to put a pump or two on the back of my hands where i'll use a stippling brush to pick up the product and work it into my face. This foundation doesn't make dry spots obvious with the first layer although with the second it might. I find I don't need more than one though! Of course if you did I would just avoid the dryer zones :) 

I would say the coverage is light/medium with the ability to have a heavier coverage by building it up. Lasting power seems really really good! I put it on at the beginning of my day and I may need a few touch ups half way through but other than that it's as if I had just put it on by the end of the day :) I have the W1 which has yellow undertones and is quite pale which is a great match for my skin. They also have neutral and cool tones.

I've read on other blogs that this is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, which I haven't tried but have read many rave reviews! So this is a big thumbs up in my opinion. All in all I think this is a great buy if you aren't able, or aren't yet wanting to spend more money on higher end brands.

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