Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My hair journey begins..


Guess who's currently in the process of switching their hair washing routine? Yeap it's me! For the last 8ish years I have been washing my hair every single day, which initially started because my hair just got greasier but now I'm pretty sure the reason my hair looks so rubbish if I don't is because of the daily stripping of natural oils :( booooo!

My hair after washing, was starting to feel dry and limp which is why im doing this!
So my plan of action? Wash it every third day. I last washed it Saturday so today is a hair washing day :) I'm not sure how bad my hair looks without any product (probably like I've poured oil on my head) as I'm using a dry shampoo to help combat the oil look. As without it I wouldn't even try this!

Currently I'm using the batiste fruity and cheeky cherry which is good, it does work but I feel like it's making my hair kinda grey! I've heard good things about the Garnia dry shampoo though so I plan to give that a go! I'll let you all know how I get on with it :)

My hair yesterday, you can see it's not brilliant but it's not horrific! seems to have more texture :D

 Any with that, I'm off! Need to get ready for work :) Till next time 



  1. Good luck with changing the routine :) I'm currently trying to grow my hair - which means no peroxide, no extensions and minimum straightening - so I know its difficult adjusting! I love Batiste - I think they do a special brunette one that stops it being so visible but I'd love to know how you get on with the Garnia one :) xx

    Viva Epernay

    1. Thank you! And good luck to you too :) I've been growing mine out as well and I feel like it's just stopped growing! Maybe this will help? Oooo I'll check out the brunette one as that would be good, as well as the Garnia one. As you can never have enough dry shampoo :D x