Sunday, 5 July 2015

Switching things up


Last night I was really struggling to get to sleep as it was so ridiculously hot, tossing and turning and being super grumpy and annoying as omg it's infuriating! When I started thinking of my blog which I keep getting bored off and you know I think it's because as much as I love reading make up reviews sometimes actually writing them constantly is dead boring for me. Plus I really don't try new stuff all that often. So it got me onto thinking that I might just try writing about life things. So my blog is just going to be a little more random, have a bit more variety than review, review, review.

Of course my life isn't all that interesting but I figure that maybe it'll be of interest to me if I can look back on it and remember stupid little things that may have happened! For instance my boyfriends nutty family dog who can be so focused on you one minute but the next frantically hunting down a fly like nothing is more important.

She looks pretty cute and sane here doesn't she? Except she can be off the charts mental!
I even neglected to tell you guys all about the crow my boyfriend bought home to feed and then eventually release. Turns out he/she (?) was mega friendly, loved sitting on my head. Poo'd everywhere! Slightly stressful. The crow still hangs out in our garden which is cute.

I'll probably update again today or tomorrow, as I have a few things I want to write about including an older lady who decided to basically get undressed in the store I work at (eeek!) but more on that later! This was more an introductory post to how I want my blog to be :)

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