Monday, 6 July 2015

Burnt face, Holiday & Moving House Soon!


I'm pretty red you guys. Well my face is. You know those warnings on your aha/bha exfoliators that say *remember to wear sunscreen when using this product*? Whelp, I forgot! My foundation has an spf 15 which normally does the trick but recently I've been walking barefaced to the train station. So unbeknownst to me my face has been sizzling under the UK summer spell, aka the last two days....

Talking of the sun, I'm going on holiday in less that two weeks! I'm so excited to get away from work and spend two weeks away with my boyfriend (D) and his family in the South of France! And then (so much going on!) approximately three weeks after we get back me and and D will be moving into our very first house together!!!

I'm seriously excited about this! His family have been amazing in letting me stay with them whilst we find a place, especially as it has taken so long! Honestly we've been looking since January! But with our work schedules and it being a drive away (me not having a car hasn't helped) and a couple of let downs where landlords have chosen other tenants over us it has taken months upon months. However, brushing all that aside we have found a mini house :) my days are literally being taken over by looking at all the house stuff. I got over excited when my new pans and kitchen knives arrived on Saturday, things are getting serious.

What else do I need though?? We're okay for things like knives and forks, glasses, mugs, duvet covers, bed, wardrobe. We will definitely need a sofa, a fridge, a hoover and a toaster and kettle but they're the bigger things. I want frames for my pictures I've got and other stupid little decorative items but there's just so much and we have a teeny tiny place! I just want it to be like home, our home, omg it's both scary and exciting!

Okay, that's it for now guys! Let me know what essentials/ non essentials you think would be good to buy :) xx

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