Saturday, 18 April 2015



I redid my hair you guys! I was really like 'argh what should I do, should I redo it or not?' In the end though on payday I decided I was going to go for it. After all I've done it once so in theory it should go better? Plus I wanted it a bit higher up. So here's the picture I uploaded to my instagram, the lowest pic is my before. As you can see it was quite a small amount of hair and a more defined line. Where as this time I wanted something a little more flowy. And I'm happy with how it came out, especially for a home kit!

What do you think?

Also how amazing has this weather been? So lovely, so hot! And just a little mention, as I'm definitely taking advantage of it, but asos has a 70% off sale. I'm really sorry if you were trying not to buy anything, but I wasn't either, hehehehe.

Have fun! xx

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