Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cinema, Photos & Packing


So yesterday I saw the new transformers movie, seriously if you've gotta pay those extortionate cinema prices do not go and watch it. It's not good, they've definitely over done it to the point I was desperately wondering when it would end. Of course if you do want to watch the same kind of plot line, cheesy one liners and lots of explosions definitely do it! But £11, come the fuck on.

On a completely separate note have you ever noticed how good camera photos look when they're on your phone but how shoddy they can look on the computer? Or is that just my phone? Seriously though if you stick it in some kind of photo editor (I use Gimp, it's free) and mess with the contrast, brightness and maybe the curves then you end up with an okay image! The snack I had today on the left was taken on my phone and it's not too shabby :)

I'm also currently packing ready to go up to my boyfriends tomorrow where I'm staying till we go on holiday so I'm having to pack for a week and a bit plus a two week holiday and I'm mildly freaking. What do I pack? What should I leave? Seriously, do I really need to take my hairspray? Oh wait, I can't pack that I need to brush my teeth tonight and tomorrow! This is honestly why I normally leave it till last minute as then I can chuck everything in. I thought I'd be more organised though to relieve some stress and OMG YOU GUYS HAVE LIED TO ME. This is far more stressful. 

You know what, I'm leaving it till tomorrow. Stuff it.


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